Long term success and profitability for any organization is driven by the rate of innovation that its products or services can demonstrate in the market. “Systematic innovation” described by Peter Drucker, “is the purposeful and organized search for changes and the systematic analysis of opportunities such changes might offer”. Our mantra is, “Innovate or Die”.

Peer to peer communication, clinical advocacy programs or closed loop marketing are all potential ways to increase your brand’s awareness, usage or customer affinity.    Discovering the relationship of your target audience’s unmet needs, wants and desires with your core strategy is at the heart of true innovation. What are those potential upside opportunities identified in your business plan that could help to invigorate your brand?

Do you have more opportunities than resources to help screen and prioritize? Have you systematically evaluated all of the possibilities and risks, or are you relying on instincts?If you answered no to any of these questions, why not leverage the knowledge of an executive with broad business experience to assist you in the process?

MarketSMITH Services can provide comprehensive market research and new product development support services. Get the specific expertise you need, when you need it and at a  price you can justify to the management team. Contact us to discuss your market analysis, concept testing, or volumetric forecasting needs .


  • Clinical Communication
  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing Research


  1. Beth, your sister-in-law (I think) works with me. I’m redesigning my website and she showed me yours. Very nice.

    Do you try to get a lot of interactivity? How’s it working? How much time is required to manage the site?

    Thanks and good luck to you.

    -Tim Rowlands

    • Tim – My choice in platform was largely based on efficiency and the recommendation of a friend in the business. It is pretty easy to manage (with a little direction from my colleague) and flexible in design.

      It (WordPress) is built for high interactivity, but I have not really leveraged it to the maximum. I would definitely recommend WordPress for anyone that really one to be able to manage the site themselves without being a wild techie. Hope this was helpful, sorry I was late in responding. Need to set an alert for new messages.


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