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Successful implementation of any marketing plan is dependent on having a well defined strategy and effectively managing every element of the marketing mix. Because so many organizations have smaller marketing staffs today than compared to 5 or 10 years ago, having the right mix of personnel with all of the required skills is a challenging reality.

Effective brand management is about successful implementation of the annual plan; achieving the financial and strategic objectives that yield shareholder value. MarketSMITH has broad marketing expertise to satisfy your short term project based requirements,  interim management needs and the capabilities for everything in between. We can develop custom communications plan, forecasting models, sales training or publication plans that are driven by the core brand strategy.

The investment is the sales team is usually the biggest investment a marketing team makes. Successfully integrating the brand essence into a robust selling strategy requires marketing leadership, buy in from the sales team and a coordination. Sales training needs to be led by marketing priorities and provides an excellent opportunity to build a stable platform for future success. Please see our case study as an example of our ability to deliver business results.

Innovative healthcare companies have been developing interactive and blended learning content to better engage the audience for several years.  The insight driving this change is that it encourages the user to explore the content more thoroughly.  This same dynamic is being seen in the evolution of print “detail aids” to rich media presentations. Healthcare professionals are responding very positively to presentations delivered via laptop or smartphone, because it can be focused on only the information most relevant to them.

Consider using MarketSMITH Services to effectively extend the capabilities and reach of your marketing team. The unique value that we provide is cost effective marketing leadership and customized solutions that has the experienced to support a brand team’s strategic or operational priorities.


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