For the past few years, the pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing has been undergoing a dramatic change, primarily due to industry consolidation and maturation. MarketSMITH Services was launched to provide turnkey strategic marketing and business development capabilities to any interested company that has a short or long term need for our range of  services.

The MarketSMITH team collaborates to increase our client’s awareness, trial and usage of their product or service. Once the business need is specified, like increasing revenue within a secondary target audience, together we develop the scope, budget and work plan. The outcome of this partnership provides innovative solutions that solve the problem.

Declining marketing budgets, reduced sales staffs and strained internal resources for program development are challenges many organizations find themselves struggling to solve.MarketSMITH Services is primarily focused on developing relationships with life science organizations, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and healthcare organizations with unmet needs for contract marketing or business development services.

Benefits that our clients enjoy is access to highly experienced marketing and business development expertise that can be acquired quickly, cost effectively and to an exact specification for the business’ needs.

One difference to the traditional consultant model, is that MarketSMITH Services will not only partner with you to develop the strategy, but is able to manage the project from ideation through implementation. Our commitment is for our client’s to achieve or exceed the business objective for the project, provide superior service and flawless execution of the program’s final delivery.

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