Communication and Innovation

The rate of innovation, any form of new product development or concept refinement, tends to be limited by how effectively the innovator can communicate the value of their idea to investors, employees or external stakeholders. Think about your own experience. I’m sure you can recall at least one example of an idea or opportunity that […]

Popovic and Smith Prescribe Social Media Treatment for Healthcare Communication

As much as social media has been readily adopted by business, healthcare has been reluctant to follow in light of regulatory concerns and lack of formal guidelines. A recent article by Kevin Popovic & Chauncey Smith appears in Volume 3, Number 2 of the Journal of Communication in Healthcare to explain the current use and […]

Hello from MarketSMITH Services

Communicating with healthcare professionals has become an incredibly challenging proposition for the pharmaceutical and life science industry in 2010. Marketers are faced with having to grow revenues or market share at a time when branded prescription drug volumes are beginning to decline as a percent of the total units dispensed. There are several key factors […]