For the past few years, the pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing has been undergoing a dramatic change, primarily due to industry consolidation and maturation. The current expectation and mandate is that the sales and marketing disciplines have to be more productive and adapt to changes in the market. Direct to consumer (e.g. DTC) advertising, which was a must have element of the marketing mix a few years ago, is beginning to lose its luster.

Sales forces are getting smaller. Healthcare professionals throughout the US are demanding clinically relevant and higher quality interactions from marketers. Public scrutiny of the industry is at an all time high. All of these changes are occurring at a time when sales and staff levels are being cut and blockbuster drugs are few and far between. How can an organization effectively innovate their marketing function?

MarketSMITH Services Fact Sheet

Two benefits that MarketSMITH clients will enjoy are on-demand marketing expertise and supreme flexibility in the types of services that can be contracted. We enable you to access the specific expertise your organization needs and when those skills are needed most.

Depending on the assignment, we may be working as part of an established marketing team or autonomously on a short term project. MarketSMITH Services works with our clients to define the scope of the engagement, identify critical milestones related to business performance and negotiate a budget that will fits the business requirement.

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