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The rate of innovation, any form of new product development or concept refinement, tends to be limited by how effectively the innovator can communicate the value of their idea to investors, employees or external stakeholders.

Think about your own experience. I’m sure you can recall at least one example of an idea or opportunity that was eliminated or just died on the vine because the story wasn’t well communicated. In the hyper competitive and global market that effects every industry, there are very few companies that can afford to mishandle these valuable opportunities to create shareholder value.

2011 Best Practice Survey Banner Ad Core Equity

The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to global advocacy for product development and management professionals. A key part of the PDMA mission,to improve the effectiveness of individuals and organizations in product development and management”. To deliver on this mission, PDMA sponsors a comprehensive survey for the industry on best business practices.

MarketSMITH Services developed a banner ad on specification for the PDMA to create awareness of the 2011 survey and encourage participation. The creative insight leverages a graphic that was developed and concisely communicates the breadth of  what the organization is committed to, mission and vision.

The PDMA Innovation Cycle was animated and included a call to action to paticipate in the survey. Click the lick here to view: banner_horz_pdmaV1

MarketSMITH Services is a marketing and business development service company that is located in Pittsburgh, PA. MarketSMITH Services a provides a flexible and dependable source for effective multimedia communication. Our services are broadly defined as brand strategy, brand management, new business development and innovation.

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