Survey: Attitudes on Social Media in Healthcare Communication

There is a lot of debate at the moment over the use of social media in healthcare. As with any discussion, the more facts we have the more informed decsions we can make.

We invite you to share your perspective and contribute to our collective knowledge base on the subject. This is a not-for-profit venture that is meant to provide a source of facts and data for discussion. No individual information will be shared, only aggregated data will be reported.

What seems to be lacking in the debate is a clear sense of “What average Americans believe may be appropriate uses for social media by healthcare organizations, if any”.


Assess the current attitudes and perceptions of adults in the US on the opportunities for appropriate use of social media by healthcare organizations.

Generate feedback from the public on current and potential uses of social media to responsibly communicate healthcare information. Specifically, to examine perceptions of:

  • Monitoring techniques
  • Disclosure requirements
  • Promotional responses

Research Design

Sample: At least 1,000 adults, representative of the professionals in healthcare and its related industries.

Method: Internet survey. The questionnaire is a joint research effort between Ideahaus®, MarketSMITH Services, and Hellebusch Research and Consulting.

Analysis: Both general questioning concerning ways online communications could improve the public health and questioning concerning specific attitudes to issues in general, methods and levels of monitoring and disclosure will be explored. Also, reactions to offer types in general and several specific examples will be obtained.

Share Your Opinions, Contribute to A Better Understanding

This survey takes approximately three minutes to complete, and requires no personal data. Asterisks (*) indicate required responses. Once completed, the results will be published and shared throughout our professional community.

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