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Communicating with healthcare professionals has become an incredibly challenging proposition for the pharmaceutical and life science industry in 2010. Marketers are faced with having to grow revenues or market share at a time when branded prescription drug volumes are beginning to decline as a percent of the total units dispensed.

There are several key factors that are influencing this harsh reality. First, access to this influential audience is in steep decline for operational and ideological reasons. The second impediment to successful communication is fragmentation of the channel. Representatives are no longer the only way for healthcare professionals to receive quality information. In fact, the current industry trend is to reduce the number of representatives calling on these providers.

As sales staffs become smaller, so do the functions that support their activities. Sales training and product management have been hit hard by the downsizing that has been occurring over the past few years. While there are generally fewer human resources available to manage the business, there are just as many brands as there were a few years ago. Senior management’s expectations of marketing leadership is that, “sales and marketing need to contribute more top line sales and profitability through efficient promotion and opportunity conversion”.

This is the type of situation where MarketSMITH Services can help achieve this strategic goal. By developing durable and differentiating brand strategies, implementing our plans flawlessly and  effectively collaborating with our clients to solve their business problems, we offer a superior value. We provide access to the talent you need, when you need it and at a price that can be justified to senior management.

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